Iterative Solution

We are a technological company, specialized in developing full-stack business applications integrating the modern open-source software technologies, implementing cross platforms solutions on the client and mircoservices architecture on the back-ends, Our solutions provides the security and mobility (mobile applications), stability and extensibility and introduce AI & computer vision to the business processes.


We introduce mobility (mobile applications) into the media delivery business process, providing solution for delivering the media (video, images, audio and ebook) CMS, media conversion (video transcode, image conversion, music and ebook transform), advertisement management, transcoding & encryption  and DRM solution, delivery of media and metadata securely, monitoring and reporting of the events within in the client and server applications.


We are specialized in integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and computer vision into the software applications running on mobile, tablet, and IoT (Internet of things) devices to bring them to the next level. We are professional in implementing a world-class and practical software development and delivery process that are tailored to each customer’s situations and specific requirements.


We introduce learn-on-demand, and business use-case driven to the IT training,  you learn by delivering a real business product interfacing with all relevant part of the technologies involved in delivering a software product. The knowledge and skills will be transferred along with the skills of learning new knowledge and problem resolving skills. We help analysing the requirements and use cases, and help to design and implement them using the technologies that are most appropriate. The remove the boundaries between learning and working experiences from day one.


Why choose us

We pride ourselves in domain-driven design and iterative solutions, tailoring the world class technologies into the specific customer needs by closely studying the customer requirements and specific situations instead of rigidly applying technologies and then having to customising it later on as problem arises because of the unique situations that the customer faces.

We put you in control in storing and managing your data assets by deploying the infrastructure into the cloud that you have complete control, instead of locking your data and assets into our own. For example, you are going to own the video, images, music and all the other assets in the AWS s3 folder that you own, the applications will be running in the EC2 server that you own, the data are stored in the databases that you have complete control in our own AWS account. This means you have the means of doing manual automatic data manipulation outside the system or integrating other tools or script you have developed.