The mobile devices and mobile applications are increasingly becoming a dominant part of our lives.  This inevitably creates another wave in the industries, in that more business and companies are seeing that mobile devices can transform their business processes and activities. According to Gartner, employees in today’s digital workplace use multiple devices accomplish their tasks. Many of these employees are given the autonomy to choose the devices, apps and even the processes with which to complete a task. This also applies to the media delivery workflows, including Media ingest & Transcode, distribution with or without DRM.

Our media business solution allows an operator to use a mobile device to control  media delivery business. Our media applications are designed and implemented following the mobile-first approach and the metadata and the assets are stored in the users’ own AWS account spaces, so that they will not be locked into our solution.

The video, audio, image and other assets can be capture straight from mobile devices and uploaded to users’ own AWS s3 bucket. The files can be uploaded via any third party tools that can be used to upload files to the S3 bucket, and the media files are automatically attached to the metadata stored in the databases. The media application running on AWS EC2 instances will pick up the media automatically and associated them and create a placeholder in the databases if no associated data exist yet.

Users can manage, edit metadata and associate media files into groups, and these process can be controlled via mobile devices. The media files can be transcoded, encrypted and delivered to the video platforms together with their metadata. Alternatively, they can be delivered to an s3 bucket, so that the content can be distributed via users’ own CDN.

Our solution provides the following features:

  • Users can control their own media files in their own S3 bucket without publishing to the video platforms
  • Users can selectively publish content to multiple platforms from mobile devices.
  • The content and the metadata can be controlled without leaving our media application.
  • Users can control their high-res media items from their S3 bucket and their own metadatabase stored in the databases that are managed by their own AWS account.