IT Consulting

We are the issue resolving professionals and strategy consultants. We can quickly break down complex problems and develop effective solutions.

Product Development

We provide software product development services from idea conceptions to product delivery processes with the innovative solutions with speedy delivery to the market.

Onsite training

We provide a range of courses for the IT professionals. We deliver our high-quality training in the convenience of your workplace and help you apply the knowledge and skills that you are learning to the work you are doing from the first day.

Technology stack

HTML5/JavaScript responsive web applications, Android/IOS applications or hybrid applications, React Native mobile applications, Restful services, API Gateway, ESB, BPM, Big data analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Computer Vision, Media ingest, transcode and delivery and metadata management and integration.

Excellent Support

We provide on-site installation of the software products, training, phone and email support, online remote assistance via the internet and diagnose problems.

Experienced & Skilled

We are a team of experienced and skilled professionals, eager to understand our customers' needs.

Speedy & Iterative

We provide immediate solutions that can resolve the customer's immediate needs and iteratively build the final solution on top of the working and proven model.