Global Input

A universal mobile input app solution

If you can have a free mobile app that you can use for all your service applications and devices, why spend your precious resources to develop one for each of them? Why not allow your customers to have a single mobile app to operate on all of your services and devices ? Although it seems like a wishful thinking, we have indeed come up with a brilliant solution and implemented it!

Imagine what is your ideal scenario when you are surrounded by many devices and service applications, I am sure you do not want to open different mobile application for each service application. In your workplace, I am sure you come across the situations you are tired of typing different passwords on different applications and you hesitate it whether you would like the computer you are using to remember your password or not. We have a brilliant solution for this!

Global Input Business Solution

In today’s business world, working on a fixed workstation to carry out a business task is no longer reflecting the reality of the modern business environment. Employees are choosing their own preferred business devices in their working environment and want to easily and instantly  switch some of the business process from one device to the other and continue their work. For example, they may want to transfer the identification process to their mobile, or they may want to present some of the processes on a big screen device so that everybody can see what they are doing. Now with our Global Input Business solution, you can securely transfer the business processes from one device to the other just pointing your mobile phone camera to the QR codes being displayed. All of these will be possible just by importing our Global Input Software and add a few lines of code to display a QR code. You will feel like all the devices around you are inter-connected with each other and you can switch between them at any time you want!


Global Input Identification

With our Global Input identification solution, your staff will be able to quickly gain access to the company facilities via their mobile just pointing the mobile camera to the QR code being displayed! No need for typing a long password or implementing a complex facial recognition or expensive finger printing technology.

The communication is secured with the end-to-end encryption and a different encryption key will be generated within your device for each session and transferred only via the QR code to the mobile to ensure nothing between will be able to know what is being communicated between this devices.  You can make as complex password as you want without worrying about typing it on the keyboard because your mobile phone will type it for you! If you can would like to see it in action,  install and run the Global Input App on your mobile and add “/wp-admin” to the end of the URL on this website.  When you point your mobile camera to the QR code displayed, you see the login form is transferred to your mobile. Type Something and press “done”. This will display “remember” button on your mobile. If you press on it, your mobile will type the password for your next time when you point your mobile camera to the QR code again!


Global Input IoT solution

If you have made a  IoT device that do not have mobile application, Global Input App can become your mobile application that user can use to operate on your IoT device! It is so easy to do it, in fact, we will integrate the Global Input Software into your device free of charge and your user can start to operate on it just pointing the mobile camera to the QR code!