Global Input

A universal mobile input app solution

Our Global Input Platform provides a single app solution for multiple devices and business applications so that  they do not need to have separate mobile apps to allow users to operate on them

In a business environment, where users need to accomplish tasks with multiple devices, our Global Input Platform provides an integrated solution for connecting different applications to each other across different devices.

In today’s business world, working on a fixed workstation to carry out a business task is no longer reflecting the reality of the modern business environment. Employees are using their preferred business/personal devices to accomplish tasks and often use most appropriate devices for a particular task. For example, a user may like to use his/her own personal mobiles to store confidential or private information and would like to push only the selected data securely to the application that he/she is using.  Our Global Input solution allows users to store content in their devices encrypted with the encryption keys that also managed in the app, and provides data transfer function using end-to-end encryption.


Global Input Identification

With our Global Input identification solution, employees will be able to quickly gain access to the company facilities via their mobile devices

The communication is secured with the end-to-end encryption and the authentication data is stored encrypted in the mobile devices’ storage. The data stays encrypted even in the app’s memories and decrypted only when needed.

The employees can also use the same app to identify themselves to the business applications that are used daily to accomplish business tasks.

They can also use the same app to control and operate on the various application running on devices at work and at home.


Global Input IoT solution

Our Global Input Platform also provides a mobile app extension to the existing IoT application, so that they can be controlled via the Global Input App without developing a separate mobile app for them.